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Kimberly Tattoo

Tattoo artist, Alternative Model

Hello! Welcome to my site, Here you will find information and portfolios for both my tattooing and modeling work. Click the link below to see more of what you are looking for. 


Kimberly Tattoo

Hello, and thank you for any interest you have in me as an artist or modeling. I was raised in Toledo Ohio, in my early education I majored and excelled in art as a whole. I was fortunate to attend schools with an appreciation for it, so there were many different classes offered. I took fine art as well as digital art classes. I started my apprenticeship at 19 and spent almost 3 years there. I later attended the Art institute of Ohio, taking the classes I felt would help my career. 

It wasn't until my mid 20s that my modeling career started. Since then I have spent years traveling searching for where I wanted to be, doing conventions and guest spots, Eventually landing in North Carolina to take over a tattoo shop. A state I am fortunate to now call my home


What I do

As A Model

I am an alternative model from Toledo Ohio. I have gained most of my experience through group shoots there where there was a thriving photography community and a few fantastic locations to shoot. I have since been in Gallery shows, Magazine and coffee table book publications, as well as have some acting experience.

I have experience in: Lingerie, Alternative, Fashion, Nude, Grunge, Themed, Bondage, and Fitness modeling.

For more photos and information click the link below 

Here are some different looks from recent shoots

Tattoo styles that I am currently working on.


This Koi fish is an example of the type of Neo/Japanese that I do. This piece was drawn on and tattooed at the Philadelphia tattoo expo

Black and Grey Realism

This is one example of the type of black and grey realism I do. This is a portrait of a painting of the SS.Bologna


This is one of the many ways do execute Neo Traditional. I prefer to use a muted pallet with one or two color pops. This piece won 3rd place small color at the Cleveland tattoo convention

New School

This is one of my Favorite New school pieces. Mothman has a rich history and is from my home state. I freehanded this piece at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention

To see more examples of my tattoo work, or fill out a tattoo request form- Please follow the link on the right.

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